Where Neuroscience and Ancient Herd Wisdom Meet

The Body, Mind and Spirit of Leadership

The Benefits

Our Facilitators are Outstanding in Their Field!

Interacting With Horses, You Can Learn How To...

* set a baseline and know when you are being affected by the feelings and emotions of others 

* remain calm and confident in the face of uncertainty

* pay attention to your intention along with intention to your attention

* communicate with authenticity - using the whole body as a sensing and communication device

* align and access your centers of intelligence in the correct order for wise decisions

* create strong connections and partnerships

* trigger PEA rather than NEA states and how to move people in and out of these states

* identify, create and maintain boundaries

* enhance intuition and trust in your heart and gut instincts along with the head

* be flexible and embody the energy and body language for specific situations

* reconnect with your deepest sense of passion and purpose

* develop greater understanding and awareness of group dynamics / emotional contagion

* increase awareness of your own patterns of behavior, leadership style and energy, how it impacts others and how to change it to maintain connection

* sense into the energy underlying emotions and the messages they hold

* use tools and techniques for managing your emotions and those of others

* enhance skills in all emotional intelligence competencies, resilience and agility

* develop the 9 essential authentic leadership, community and organisation building skills

* read others body language and feelings and use this information thoughtfully

* enhance mindfulness, presence, somatic and self awareness

* embrace empathy and vulnerability

* tap into your SQ (spiritual intelligence) leadership qualities

Bill George - the importance of "inner work" in a safe environment to help achieve authentic leadership

Daniel Goleman

We don't learn leadership through classes or at Business School - we evolve through repeated experiences and practicing new ways of being

360 Degree Unbiased and Non Judgemental Feedback

People may not tell you 'to get off your high horse but a horse will'.

It will
 show you how self aware you are, how well you have absorbed the leadership models and theories through role plays and explicitly learnt knowledge, how well you adapt and perform. 

Horses will show you how well you have turned explicit knowledge into implicit knowing, how you have made it part of who you are, how you have embodied it with your being-ness and how you show up and take this out into the world.

Recruitment firms also would greatly benefit from integrating the process for high level executive placement selection. Candidates may be able to fool recruiters when simply talking sitting behind a desk but how do their adaptive and affective leadership skills show up in the workplace when under pressure? How they do they demonstrate qualities such as integrity, creativity or fairness? An experience with horses will reveal their core essence, how they show up and who they are truly being when they are doing.