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mBIT Professional Certified Coach Training

“Learn simple and powerful techniques to detect and overcome issues when your own or your client’s head, heart and gut brains are NOT aligned” 

“mBraining takes up where NLP leaves off.  mBraining is based on a synthesis of the latest research in neurology and cognitive science... 

This is the birth of a new field.  In short, if you want a model that synthesizes NLP, that expands upon it and that is based on hard science, then mBraining is for you. Learn it now and get in on the ground floor." 

Wyatt L. Woodsmall, Ph.D., NLP Master Trainer and Master Modeler, Co-Creator of the International NLP Trainers Association.


For the venues with access to horses, an extra and optional 1 day will be offered at the end of the standard 4 day training, for a day of deepening and integrating your learning

Why Become a Certified mBIT Coach?

Do you, or do you ever have clients with the following brain integration issues?

  • Internal conflict between thoughts, feelings, attitudes and actions -  ie internal conflict between head-based thoughts, gut-based instinct and heart-based emotions and values? 
  • Wrestling with continued indecisiveness and ongoing unresolved issues?
  • Repeatedly not acting upon or sabotaging their dreams, goals and plans
  • Doing unwanted behaviours or habits and don’t know why and have difficulty stopping
  • Challenges in making decisions or are unable to motivate themself to take action
  • Chronically experiencing disempowering emotional states such as frustration, depression, anger, anxiety, etc.
  • Chronic health issues, especially those to do with the heart or gut region

When clients experience these in their life or behaviour, it's time to empower them using the deeply integrative mBIT processes you’ll be trained in during this workshop.

You will learn to re-pattern how our brains work together to support and enhance life success.

This training is for you if you want to learn to coach not just to the
cognitive head brain,
but to all the brains - head, heart and hara (gut)

Who Is This training For?

  • Professional Coaches of all types - whether seasoned or beginning
  • Counsellors, Social Workers and other People Helpers
  • Trainers, Educators and Facilitators
  • Leaders, Managers and Mentors
  • … anyone who  needs to coach or interact with others to produce results that can only be achieved when head, heart and gut are aligned!

Why Do This Training?

  • Become one of the leaders in this exciting and newly emerging field
  • Stand out and differentiate yourself in your marketplace with this unique niche
  • Massively boost  your coaching effectiveness by  learning to facilitate all three of your client’s intelligences
  • Learn to tap into the power of your client’s innate intuition and the wisdom of their heart and gut brains
  • Learn how the process can streamline your coaching processes to gain quicker, deeper and more generative results
  • Gain access to a professional network and collaborative community of ‘multiple brain coaches’ that are working together to bring evolutionary change to the world

Discover The Keys To...

  • Establish communication and alignment with your multiple brains
  • Ensure each of your brain's is operating from its Highest Expression
  • Apply your Highest Expressions for greater wisdom in decision-making and action-taking

Be Ready to Take Your Coaching to New Levels!

This is a training that changes lives...

Not only will you be able to integrate the training into your own life, as well as facilitate changes in your clients, the training is a deep and integrative process that can be undertaken as the standard 4 day coach training or the 6 day equine facilitated option. The first and last days are a powerful and profound personal and professional development equine experience that immerses you in the field of horse to truly and deeply align and integrate your learnings, along with the 4 days training in mBIT. 

"You will learn simple and powerful techniques for not only yourself to use, but also to detect and overcome issues when your client’s head, heart and gut brains are NOT aligned”

The suite of tools and techniques will have you communicating with, integrating and harnessing the power of your multiple brains (head, heart and gut brains).

At This Training You'll Discover...

  • How to recognise and interpret the different languages of your three main intelligences
  • Deep insights into how your multiple brains produce internal conflict and what you can do about it
  • How your gut and heart brains are able to learn and grow new neural pathways and how you can actively educate them for greater intuition and better decisions
  • How to balance the autonomic nervous system through the mBIT Balanced Breathing method to quickly relieve stress and shift into greater Coherence

After Your Training...

You will find you are opening up to the inherent wisdom of your deep inner self and are increasingly becoming connected with your inner truth and being at one with your core values and evolving authentic self. You will also open up new possibilities in how you are creating and authoring your life - who you are being and becoming as you are doing.  

Enjoy being part of an international community of evolutionary coaches

Upcoming Training Dates

Coffs Harbour NSW area May 6-9th 2021

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Currently receiving expressions of interest for these following training venues with dates TBA

Email us now with your preferred venue and ideal dates

  •  Sydney - Crows Nest/Manly for 4 day training
  • Albury residential with horses
  • Melbourne area Victoria with horses
  • Tasmania
  • Qld / Nth NSW
Please register your interest now in this 4 day training in 2021.
We are planning for it to be offered at the most convenient time for the majority.

For the venues with horses available, I will be offering a free optional extra day of training deepening and integrating the learning with the horses so you get a total of 5 days training for the price of 4.

Please let me know if this is something you are keen to learn for yourself or to  also add to your coaching toolkit

The latest scientific research shows you have three brains! You have complex, adaptive and fully functional neural networks or 'brains' in your heart, your gut and your head.

In essence, each brain has a competency that is its 'highest expression' and that the three brains, when operating via these competencies, produce synergistic effects and bring greater wisdom to decision making, relationships and life.

The highest expressions are...

Compassion (heart),

Creativity (head)

Courage (gut).

When all three work together they produce amazing results!

The beauty of this training is that it recognises that we all have everything we need, that our answers lie within us, if only we could access them and so this is a coaching process for emergent wisdom

Harness the Power of Your 3 Brains -
Head, Heart, Hara and Horses mBIT Training

For those who work as riding instructors, coaches, equine learning facilitators or therapists, you can gain Professional Certification as an mBIT Coach or/and Equine Experiential Facilitator. Coaches report that the tools and techniques creates faster and lasting changes in their riders and clients and that it is an elegant and powerful adjunct to their existing EAL/EAP model and toolkits.

This 6 day training is for equine facilitators, therapists or coaches who have already been trained in any equine learning model and involves the 4 day in house mBIT training then 2 days in the field of horse to learn ways in which these processes can be integrated into your program offerings and supported by your equine partners.

Cheryl is the first  mBIT coach and trainer in the world, and to date, the only  learning and coaching specialist who partners with horses to be trained by the developers and founders Marvin Oka & Grant Soosalu. 

She had a close relationship with Grant and is a contributing member of mBIT International trainers community and is involved in ongoing Behavioral Modelling and Action Research through mBraining With Horses.

For 35 years, Cheryl's programs have naturally drawn on mindfulness and contemplative wisdom pratices with the heart and gut wisdom along with the head, so the mBIT tools and techniques have seamlessly integrated and deeply enriched her coaching and training offerings with horses over the last 8 years.

She was immediately drawn to and excited to discover the competencies of the brains in the heart and gut and the application of this to her life, leadership and wellness programs, as well as her horse human relationship. She found their action research findings and models incredibly aligned and feels that this greatly deepens her understanding and advances her facilitation work with horses. 

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