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From Surviving To Thriving - Harnessing Authenticity, Compassion & Courage

One important thing I've learnt over the years of facilitating personal development, it's that you can't simply change your mind with just your mind. 

You have to begin in, and go in and through the body for true transformation

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An extraordinary experience awaits

Joining this program is a way for you to walk the trail back home to you.

You will begin reconnecting with your internal compass so that you can tap into your own wisdom and be re-inspired in letting your body lead the way.

In doing so, you will be able to increasingly make clear decisions, take inspired action and decrease stress and anxiety, all while enhancing connection, relationships, joy and meaning in your life,

This program will open your creative mind to greater opportunities and choice.
Your eyes will perceive more possibilities and you will connect with the deeper desires of your compassionate heart.
And you will feel into your gut courage, so that you can maintain boundaries, take action and connect with the depths of your unshakable core identity.

Did you know that all of your lived experiences shape your mind, body and spirit?

Your life's history shows up in the ways in which you 'do your life' - your beliefs, attitudes, actions and how you respond or react to events in life are deeply embedded and embodied. 

For most this is totally unconscious.

Awareness of how you have been shaped and conditioned by your life, your experiences and your current embodied patterns of behavior along with emotional self regulation, is your first crucial steps to shifting from surviving to thriving in your life.

This is an invitation for you to grow and deeply connect with your heart and gut along with your head, by providing you with new perspectives and new skills for the way you...
gather information;
make decisions and lead your life;
the way you play, love and allow yourself to receive love;
the way you parent, the way you serve others and your work.

It is suitable for you whether or not you have a horse in your life or even if you are a little afraid of horses. No riding is involved and it is unlike any program or training you may have experienced.

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No matter your age or gender, in order to really, truly and deeply experience what it is you want in life, it requires the harnessing and embracing of both your masculine and feminine qualities.

In order to be abundant and gain your deepest heartfelt desires – whether in love, happiness or success, time, support, health or money, you must be willing and open to allowing and receiving as well as being able to define and maintain your boundaries.

In order to connect with, know and walk your own path in life, you must be able to discern and possess the skills to take action to move toward what serves and resources you, and away from what is not in your best interests.

Few people know how to do this with any degree of skill and this becomes the cause of the biggest calamity of your life.

That is, living a life that is second hand.
A life lived through someone else's eyes.
This happens when you lose the connection to your innate body's wisdom and the essence of who you are at the core of your being.

This trauma sensitive program will enable you to reconnect with your internal compass so that you can decrease stress and anxiety, make clear decisions and become re-inspired to let your body lead the way.

Why Is It Important?

Most of us have grown up in and live in the Western world, where the pace of life has gotten faster, more chaotic, unpredictable and more "heady."

Added to this are childhood experiences, societal conditioning and sometimes trauma, which throws you off balance and disconnects you from your core - your head, heart and gut intelligence.

This often gives rise to feelings of unworthiness, feeling unsafe or unloved.
This then limits your ability to be authentic, to ask for or reach out for what you want and to those who can help, or alternatively, to create boundaries for your own self care.

In order to build resilience and sustain balance in your life along with maintaining vibrant health, you need to strengthen your capacity to live in a state of "embodied presence."

There are tremendous benefits that come with being present in an embodied way, where you can listen and follow your instincts and trust your internal navigational system, rather than being limited by or driven by fear.

Asking for help, support or what it is that you truly desire, want or need in life or love, also requires a degree of vulnerability. Without this you may remain stuck in thought and in action, in old conditioned patterns. Eventually, this way of living usually leads to depression and illness.

This workshop is grounded in trauma and neuroscience findings, and is inspired by the research on vulnerability, courage, authenticity, attachment and shame.

This is combined with the power of embodied practices, that move you out of your head and back into your body, along with joy filled nature based equine experiential coaching to reduce stress and anxiety and build your awareness and resilience.

Our cutting edge programs are not simply about learning or short term change.

We offer transformative immersions that utilise mindful 'embodiment', neuroscience and the latest research based practices to accelerate your personal growth.

This weekend is designed to provide you with a better understanding of your self along with a step by step approach to reducing any forms of stress or anxiety you may be experiencing.
You will also engage in easy to learn and use practices that will bring you deeper into relationship, with both your own and other's heartfull selves, for greater connection and trust in your inner knowing.

Learn how to notice and begin releasing what limits you, so that you can experience more joy, peace and resilience within yourself, and when interacting with other people, or with animals.

This is for you, if you are keen to discover how to really, truly and deeply, live the life you love with ease and grace. And, it's especially for you if you feel that 'nothing you have ever tried before has worked'.

This program will provide you with new levels of awareness and insights into any old and often unconscious survival patterns of behavior, that may be limiting or blocking your natural heartfelt desire to move towards greater love, success and happiness.

Through powerful, yet easy to learn processes, with practice, you will begin moving from simply plowing through life, often driven by fear and frustration and stuck in survival mode, to more easily living and thriving in relationship with yourself and others, so that you begin experiencing greater harmony, joy, resilience, love and meaning.

2 (or 3 depending on venue) full days


During this program you will...

  • Discover how your body, brains and nervous system has been shaped through your upbringing and past experiences and how this impacts your present experience and your body and health.
  • Learn a foundational and easy to use process, that with practice, will begin the shifts that you desire.
  • Experience, learn and practice a variety of embodiment processes that you can easily begin to integrate into your life for true and lasting change, not just a quick and short lasting fix
  • Be exploring and enhancing your awareness of, understanding and recognising what may 'set you off', or 'limits your expression' and how this impacts your emotions, body, health and your relationships with yourself and others.

Then more importantly, you will learn and practice what to do about it.

Each day involves both time indoors, as well as learning outside with a herd of gentle horses deepening and expanding upon your newly learnt practices and skills, making them part of who you are so that you can begin creating more joy, peace, resilience and meaning in your daily life.

How and Why Horses you may ask?

Horses are amazingly emotionally intelligent beings.
Their number one priority is self care.
(How many people have this as their life priority?) 
Survival in the wild means paying attention to both their inner and outer environment.
They don't worry or stress about the past or future, or when the next predator may come along, instead, they live in a state of relaxed alertness.

This is so they can both conserve energy for their health, and easily notice and respond to any in the moment changes around them. When they sense a shift in their environment, they feel the emotion, they get the message beneath the emotion, take right action for self care and then go back to relaxed yet aware state of grazing.

Do you hold your self care as your number one priority?
Do you take action to look after yourself when required?
Do you easily return to a relaxed state of open awareness when triggered or stressed?

Healthy horses don’t ignore, suppress or dull down their emotions, unlike many humans.
Doing so has been shown to depress the human immune system and is proven to be a major contributing factor for ill health and disease, especially in regard to heart and gut issues.

Being highly sensitive, horses interpret & respond to the internal emotional state of humans – your beliefs, thoughts & emotions (often unconscious) affect your respiration, heartbeat & posture of your body.

Without your awareness, this has a looping effect on your own body and emotions, as well as impacting other people and the animals around you. Interacting with the horses often gently reveals to you what you don't usually see about yourself - how you show up in relationship to yourself and with others, in a compassionate, unbiased, non judgmental and supportive way.

You may not know it but your body possesses a wise and distributed intelligence that has been conditioned out of most people. Harnessing your inner horse heart is about learning to re-connect to and trust your own wisdom, by tapping into your heart and gut intelligence along with your head.

The beauty of a horse's heart is that it is up to 5 times larger than ours and they use their body, heart and gut intelligence to notice what is happening in their environment. Humans have forgotten how to do this, often getting stuck in old stories and patterns of re-action from childhood, yet it is an innate skill that can be re-learnt.

By listening to and using your inner knowing, you are more enabled to remain calm, have greater resilience, to make wiser and clearer decisions and have the courage to take right action, so that you live your own life, not someone else'e idea of how you should live, or what you should be doing.

The workshop will include the following basic learning, plus more...

♥ How to begin using your feelings and emotions as a powerful form of information (this is your inner-tuition)

♥ Awareness of how your emotions impact your body - heart, gut and overall health

♥ A heart based breath awareness practice that will bring you greater calm, balance and connection with self and others

♥ An easy to use core centering practice that will quickly bring you back to center when all hell is breaking loose around you. Learn how to begin responding, rather than reacting to what happens in your life.

♥ Boundaries exploration - recognise your right to claim and hold your own space, especially if you are a people pleaser - learn how to say 'NO' and feel good about it! when something is not right for you.

♥ The presencing process - an easy to learn and use technique in mindful awareness of what 'is' really happening - not what your old head based story 'thinks' is happening in any moment.

Suitable for both riders and non riders - No horse experience or knowledge is necessary and the activities are not physically demanding, so anyone can participate, even if you are a little afraid of being near a horse.
In the end you will find that becoming more horse-like in your thinking and feeling is a shortcut to freeing your mind from misguided habits that may keep you from living your dreams.

The interactions with horses invites participants to be curious, to experiment, to be creative, to explore beliefs, values and new perspectives, to challenge preconceptions, to construct new meanings and to develop unique solutions.

This is a powerful mode of learning held in an emotionally safe space

There is no riding or mounted activities involved in this program, all interactions are ground based.


This busy fast paced world of outward focus that prioritises head based knowledge, and pushing and driving to achieve, has many people default to being and living in the masculine qualities over the feminine.

The result?

Having to 'do it all', so you don't come across as being 'needy', running yourself into the ground, poor relationships, stress, and ill health.

Traditionally and culturally, showing any vulnerability or taking time for oneself is frowned upon. It is often seen as a 'weakness' and in this constant hustling for worthiness in a culture where “ never enough’ dominates the psyche, and feeling afraid has become second nature, the result is a constantly stressed body mind system.

It's been shown that an automatic and compulsive regard for the emotional needs of others, while ignoring your own is the number one risk factor for disease.

The second greatest risk factor is an automatic and rigid identification with your duty or role and its responsibilities, rather than listening to and honoring your own needs.

Our lack of resilience, the suppression and repression of emotions by stuffing down or dulling them with unhealthy habits and substances, while putting others needs first, actually suppresses the immune system, thus greatly contributing to many types of serious and life threatening illness and disease.

Burnout, depression, disconnection with self and others, adrenal fatigue, auto immune diseases, heart and gut issues and increasingly, even trauma responses, is rife in modern society.

It's like the non stop pushing and feeling of having to do more, helps to stave off those feelings of never being quite good enough, feeling unsafe or unlovable.

This all impacts the body mind systems health and well being because of the distributed and connected intelligence of the body.

Science has proven that there are so many connections between brain and body, that there is no division, nor is there any division between us, the environment and the universe.

This program is different to most others because we know that transformation can not be achieved through simply reciting positive affirmations, nor by just thinking or talking about things.

Your body and nervous system is a finely tuned learning system, as such, the body has to be involved to ensure any lasting shifts or change. A bottom up along with a top down coaching approach is required

Hence the importance of learning how to listen to and connect with the social and emotional sensing system that is the distributed intelligence of the body. When operating well, your body is the best navigational system to guide you through life. You really do have all the answers you need within.

The trouble is, most of us have been taught to ignore our needs and suppress emotions, by adaptations we made in childhood that helped us to survive stressful situations along with our drive for close attachments.

Yet you are not broken and you don't need fixing. This program will help you to begin re-communicating, understanding and embracing your body's innate intelligence, along with the gifts of authenticity and vulnerability and its impacts on your everyday life, while also dispelling the myth that vulnerability is weakness.

In truth, vulnerability is our most accurate measure of compassion and courage. As Dr Brene Brown has shared, by embracing it, it is in fact the birthplace of love, connection and belonging, joy, empathy, creativity and innovation.

Message us now to reserve your place if this is something you would like more of in your life.



You will explore the habitual ways that your body reacts to life and events, your unconscious and habitual breathing, body and re-action patterns - ways of thinking and action that restrict emotion - and learn new ways of being, doing and feeling, so that you can learn to openly expand your capacity for willingly, effectively, artfully and courageously, engage with whatever events or circumstances arise in your life.

Tapping into the gifts, strengths and power of vulnerability, will enhance your life, leadership, social and emotional capacity and resilience.

You will feel less stress and be healthier and happier as you become more able to manage and experience uncertainty, risk and the emotional exposure that defines you and helps you to grow.

This immersion is for you if you are ready to dive deep so that you can shift old un-resourceful patterns and build the capacity to embrace compassion, creativity and courage, while fully accepting yourself and others.

This is about learning practices so that you can create a resourceful and powerful new way of living in the world. A new way of being where you can courageously show up for YOU, stand up, be seen, be heard and live bravely.

Just imagine, how would your life be different if you could move from your unrelenting cycle of doing, pushing, driving and grasping for what you want, (which often unknowingly pushes away what you are seeking) and instead cultivate the receptive art of allowing, opening, connecting and receiving?

That while of course courageous action is required to achieve goals, what if you could also be comfortable and feel joy and pleasure in that space of sitting back and drawing to you what it is that you seek? Whether that be a job, a lover or a partner, or even money or clients.


If you have a deep longing to transform stress, anxiety, burnout, confusion and overwhelm and replace it with greater compassion, love, connection and belonging, joy, empathy, creativity and courageous innovation, then this is for you.

If you have a tendency to be a controller, overachiever or people pleaser (like I was - getting better and still working on it!), and if you identify with any of the following statements, then this is for you...

♥ I love it when I see others open up and are vulnerable in sharing their story or asking for help, yet I find it hard to do so myself.

♥ I am a driven controller - no one can do a job to my standards.

♥ I'm a burnt out people pleaser, constantly serving the needs of others, yet never doing anything for myself.

♥ I feel like I don’t quite fit in; like I don't belong anywhere - I often feel like an outsider.

♥ I'm a stressed out overachiever, yet when I reach my goal I immediately move on to something else and don’t actually take the time to receive it’s bounty, nor enjoy what I’ve worked so darn hard for.

♥ I just seem to have this aching, this longing for something more.

♥ I just don’t measure up and can't shake this underlying feeling.

♥ There's so much I want to do, yet I can’t seem to step out of my comfort zone - I keep feeling like I'm somehow stuck.

♥ I'm a stressed out workaholic or parent and wish that I could feel comfortable asking others for help or support.

♥ I’m a perfectionist - no, actually I'm a procrastinating perfectionist.

♥ I find it hard to say 'No!' - I feel so bad when I do.

♥ I’ve had a gut full of living my life out of obligation and duty to others - what about me! Yet I have no idea how to even begin finding myself and what I want. It's actually pretty scary.

♥ I want to let go of my exhausting need to please all of the people all of the time.

♥ I should be happy with my life. I've got everything I need.

♥ Do I really need to do anything differently? I’m just a receptionist; just a sales assistant; just a mother/father; just a bus driver; just a teacher; just a homemaker...

These are some of the shadow aspects of ourselves - with over giving and self-sacrifice being a common way of living that many adopt in order to feel safe, lovable or worthy.

While this may have served you in the past, and in a way, it has helped you in feeling good about yourself through the eyes of others, you now however realise you can no longer continue living your life this way.

Complete the registration form  above and be sure to click 'send message' when you are done

Pre program information and venue details will be forwarded on receipt of your registration and payment.

Whether you have horses in your life or not, are an equine learning facilitator, therapist or an equestrian, this program is for you if you yearn to connect at a deeper level with yourself, horse or others, and live at a deeper more intuitive level so that you can enhance your skills for contact and connection with others, holding space and ‘being while doing’, in full body presence.

During this program you will:

  • Learn new practices to enhance your self-awareness and ways of communicating with the wisdom of your body, the wisdom of Horse, the earth and of life
  • Learn how to balance your connection and energy to the intelligence of your body while interacting with the horses and explore what happens when you shift your energy
  • Gain deep insights into your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and often unconscious ways of being and doing, - especially important when living in this fast paced world where connection to intuition and alternate ways of knowing are vital for accessing your innate wisdom.
  • Learn a 5 step full body presencing practice so that you begin to trust in what arises at an intuitive level
  • Learn a core embodiment practice that integrates head, heart and hara so that you can begin to integrate this into your life-man-ship and horse-man-ship
  • Explore and gain clarity on an issue or challenge that is showing up in your life through experiencing an embodied coaching process for greater congruence, alignment and integration.

Once you are more aware of yourself in each moment, along with the context in which you find yourself in, with practice, you will become more resilient and can act from a place of “heart based authenticity” and be at choice.

In doing so you release yourself from past conditioned ‘re-actions’ that have you acting like a programmed robot and flow into a whole bodymind living, breathing, attuned being who is guided from deep within.

This experiential, hands-on learning easily transfers explicit didactic head based knowledge to your implicit body based memory, creating new neural pathways of awareness and success. This allows you to easily take the insights and solutions that arise and by taking action, integrate them into your daily living.


This program brings together The Science, Art and Practice of Embodiment.

It is about Love, Integrity, Health and Joy.

It's about learning to be comfortable with the discomfort of not knowing and vulnerability as a path back home to your true self first, because without vulnerability, there is no true connection, creativity or innovation.

To be brave and to courageously show up and be emotionally exposed when things are risky and uncertain, and especially when you cannot control the outcome, is to be vulnerable.

It's about shifting unresourceful head based thoughts that keep you anxious, or make you feel unsafe, unlovable and unworthy and immersing yourself into an exploration of what it means to live and be in wholehearted, full bodied life of presence.

A deep level of Self-awareness, Listening, Mindful and other Communication tools and practices will help you build resilience and enhance your capacity for living in this fast paced and unpredictable world.

You will enhance your personal and professional development, along with relationship, parenting and leadership skills.

In this safe space you will:

♥ Explore vulnerability, compassion, courage, worthiness, trust and safety.

♥ Discover your Core Vulnerability so that you can Love Better - (this is the emotional state that evokes your greatest defenses and what you actually risk to avoid feeling it).

♥ Examine and begin to shift your conditioned patterns of thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back from living the life you want to live.

♥ Learn the latest scientific discoveries about how the nervous system is a social and emotional learning system, how its functioning impacts your emotional expression, relationships and sense of safety and how you can begin to re-wire it for optimal health and functioning

♥ Create new choices and practices to build resilience and emotional regulation, so that you are able to make wiser choices and embrace your authentically evolving self for wholehearted living.

♥ Understand and practice what it means to take courageous action while embracing vulnerability.

♥ Learn how to cultivate courage, creativity, compassion and empathy for yourself.

♥ Develop your capacity to sit with uncomfortable emotions and enhance resilience skills

♥ Enhance your ability to deeply know and communicate with yourself, your inner knowing and wisdom, to celebrate all of who you are.

♥ Learn how to build the skills to leave use-less aspects of the past behind and to live life with a greater sense of presence, worthiness, love and safety.

Processes include:

♥ Easy to learn, practical techniques that will help you to shift anxious, unproductive and unresourceful emotions around worthiness, or the ability to feel safe, or lovable.

♥ A powerful mindful presencing practice that cultivates joy and pleasure, along with the capacity to move through life feeling present, open and connected.

♥ Clarification and practical guidance on the often vague concepts and theory of centering/grounding/mindfulness

♥ An easy to use Centering practice that shifts you from emotionally reacting to life to responding.

♥ Learn how to place yourself in a state of coherence where you can quickly come back to center when life throws you off balance. This is particularly important in highly stressful situations – conflict, danger, risk, uncomfortable emotions and moments with emotional intensity, distrust or disconnection. With practice, you will be able to wisely choose your responsive actions rather than unconsciously react.

♥ Boundary exploration - tighten up or relax your boundaries as required through practices that help you to recognise, create and maintain boundaries. The Heartful Masculine aspects of yourself will learn to say 'YES', to expand and open boundaries up to empathy, compassion and vulnerability to find love. The Mindful Feminine aspects will learn to say 'NO', to define and create boundaries to gain security and reclaim her power.

♥ A grounding in the deeper principles behind the practical techniques that you can immediately integrate into your life to bring and improve your own happiness, relationships, meaning and productivity.

You can't change what you are not aware of, so this program is designed to firstly enhance self awareness of your unconscious and conditioned patterns and ways of being, that may have kept you safe as a child, but no longer serve you as an adult and in fact are limiting your growth and development, as well as practical ways in developing communication with your own wisdom.

With this new awareness and the skills you learn, you will have greater choices and resources so that you can respond with wisdom as you communicate with, align and integrate the distributed intelligence that lies within your body mind system.

* NOTE - Due to the small group nature of this program numbers are strictly limited

There are 4 different dates and venues in various states for this 3 day workshop


Tyalgum (near Byron Bay NSW) Sept 21-22
(possibly also Nov 15-17)

Walpole Wilderness Area Western Aust. Nov 1-3 (residential retreat)

Wilton (near Sydney NSW) Nov 29 - Dec 1 (residential retreat)

Melbourne (Wandin Nth Victoria ) Dec 13-15th

Message us to register for the workshop of your choice, further details and for additional program dates

Thank you for your interest

4 different opportunities to attend

Tyalgum, Murwillumbah
(near Byron Bay Nth NSW) Sept 21-22 (2 day event)
(possibly also Nov 15-17)

Walpole Wilderness Area Western Aust. Nov 1-3
(3 day residential retreat)

Wilton (near Sydney NSW)
Fri. Nov 29 - Sun. Dec 1
(3 day residential retreat)

Melbourne (Wandin Nth Victoria ) Dec 14-15th

Sat 21st & Sun 22nd Sept
10.00am-4.30pm each day

Tyalgum, near Murwillumbah Nth NSW

This 2 day program is offered at a very special extra discounted rate
AUD$490 (inclusive of $49 GST) per person

Early bird fee valid until midnight Monday Sept 16th 2019
AUD $440

Join this program to learn, experience and practice what ‘true feel’ feels like in the body and what it really means in becoming more ‘horse like’
- to ‘be-in’ a state of full bodied presence.

Horses are innately connected to their full body intelligences and tap into this ‘inner-tuition’ through their inner and outer senses. In doing so they provide natural biofeedback, helping you to learn about yourself and your inner and outer world.

With their huge heart and gut, they can help you to learn to listen to the quieter wisdom of your own heart and gut, rather than the often over riding voice of the head.

Learning to balance your communication and connection to the distributed intelligence of your body, your emotions and your thoughts, connects you with non local ways of knowing and promotes the living of a congruent, aligned and integrated life.

Deeply connecting with your heart based compassion, head based creativity and gut based courage ensures you can be the author of your life, more easily make decisions and find your own answers.

This is the essence of living an Embodied Life.

Presence always, always precedes tools and strategies.

This interactive and experiential workshop will weave transformational experiences with horses, along with other somatic (body-centered) learning, including authentic movement and Taoist practices for grounding, centering.and moving.

Guided by the horses and facilitated by Cheryl Cruttenden - you will transverse unfamiliar inner and outer territory and learn new skills that can be integrated into your life, and the way you lead yourself and others. 

As you practice, you will find you are increasingly able to truly and deeply embody living at Highest Expression, and emerge a more grounded, authentic and evolved person.

About Cheryl Cruttenden

With a lifetime of horse experience and almost 30 years in nature based education and leadership, Cheryl is a certified specialist in equine facilitated learning and coaching, having trained in a number of approaches with USA based leaders in the field.

She integrates this with her background and formal training and skills in facilitating leadership, outdoor and nature based education.

Being a Tai Chi practitioner of over 35 years, a teacher of embodied mindfulness and  an mBIT coach and coach trainer, 
Cheryl keenly draws on both eastern and western principles and practices, along with neuroscience and a trauma informed facilitation approach that informs her offerings. 

She is a Gawler trained Mindfulness Meditation teacher, certified professional multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) Coach & Coach Trainer, a Values Based Executive Life Coach, Archetype, Passion and Purpose and Matrix Therapies coach.

Cheryl’s philosophy and approach to human evolution is based on awareness and relationship between horse, human and nature and sharing the gifts each have to offer to unbridle the human spirit’.

It's about evolving yourself to live your life at the Highest Expression in deep connection to the distributed intelligence of the body.

Through this communication, congruence, alignment and integration, tapping into your emergent wisdom from a place of embodied presence, so as to have the courage to live the life you dream of with passion and purpose.

Event Image with heartfelt thanks to Diana Lancaster 

Why Somatics / Embodiment?

Somatics or 'soma' is a Greek word meaning 'of the body'

Science has proven that the body possesses a distributed intelligence and that our memories are both embedded and embodied.

Therefore, any change process that attempts to simply go in through head based thinking and learning leaves a vast reservoir of untapped wisdom behind.

We know that the body remembers what the conscious mind does not.

These non-conscious memories are not written in words - but in the language of felt sensation, in our postures and how we shift in response to challenges or triggers, in our gestures, and in the way we stand and move. It all shows up in the body. 

Most people are not consciously aware of this...

Without awareness, we can't begin to change anything.

Our life history and experiences and it's embodied memories, impact our bodies and this can create patterns that may damage our relationships and our way of being with our partner, our family, and our colleagues.

Even the way in which we view our relationship to the natural world.

Because of this, it’s becoming increasingly important for everyone to learn how to communicate with the body’s intelligence and  how our thoughts and emotions affect our physical body.

In this way we can draw on it and learn how to use the body’s intelligence to create healing and lasting transformation in our lives.

Once you know how, you really can change the way you think and feel by changing how you stand and move.

Early bird extended - $440 includes $44 GST
After Sept 16th $490

Morning and afternoon tea is included - BYO lunch

For any questions, bookings & further info about the program please contact:

Cheryl or call 0419 004 222

Due to the nature of the event, numbers are strictly limited and will be given on a “first in first served” basis until all places are filled

Once the organiser has replied with confirmation that you have a position, a $200 deposit to secure your place in the clinic must be paid within 24 hours via bank transfer.

Remaining fees are to be paid before commencement of the program

Register Now!

as places are limited and begin transforming your exhausting habits of over giving, over achieving and the need for over controlling situations, to embracing the art of flowing and allowing, and moving into accepting and receiving.

Just imagine, what would your life be like if you embraced more feminine energy, and were able to fully connect with what you truly desire, make clear and creative decisions and then take inspired and courageous action when its required, while also actually allowing yourself to deeply receive what it is you desire?

And to enjoy it!

And also to not be constantly doubting yourself.

To not be looking to others for suggestions or advice, to instead be able to know and deeply feel that the path you are on is the right one and is in your highest good, because you have tapped into your inner wisdom?
For any queries or questions about this program please email

(If you prefer to make a direct bank transfer please contact us and we will send banking details)

We will get back to you with confirmation upon payment received and also send a small workshop preparation reflection to enhance your experience at the event.

* Please note - Your place in this program is not secured until payment is made

All payments are non-refundable unless the program is cancelled upon which a full refund will be issued. If you are unable to attend for any reason you may offer your place to the next person on the waiting list, and they will be responsible for buying your spot.

We reserve the right to advertise positions to persons on the waiting list should anybody not make full payment by the due dates. If there is no waiting list for your location, you will be responsible for finding someone to buy your position.

On occasion, your place may be applied to another program date with agreement from both parties 

Participant Feedback

Extraordinary, Transformative, Tender and Magical

"I first worked with Cheryl when I went to her for horse coaching around my challenges in attracting and maintaining a long term loving relationship.

Working with Cheryl and her incredible horse really made it clear to me that I surrendered my power in order to gain love and that I didn’t believe that I could be empowered and loved in a romantic relationship. 

In many ways I was shocked by the revelation.... But my Mum was a single mother and somehow I had come to the belief that you were either a strong, successful career woman and alone or you were a doormat and with a partner. 

Of course this was not a logical or a conscious belief but it was lurking there in my subconscious mind. 

My powerful session with Cheryl and her horse made it clear to me that this belief had been holding me back in relationships and I was able to clear that concept and open myself up to a new and loving relationship...

I really feel my coaching with Cheryl had a major impact on my transformation and the results I gained".

- Pip McKay: award-winning, best-selling author, internationally certified trainer, transformational coach and media personality and owner of Evolve Now Mind Institute Sydney

Accepting, Generous, Safe

"I was really looking forward to working with the horses.  Although a little nervous about them physically I trusted Cheryl and the process.  Having worked with them earlier and getting them to move with “non-touch” communication was amazing and helped greatly.  Generally I was really excited that I might be able to be authentic with them, no secrets.

Unlike my normal behaviour of always being busy I stayed completely still with the horse.  I didn’t rush my experience as I normally would spending most of my time worrying about the next person.  In this case the next person was extremely anxious for me to finish but that didn’t impact on me at all as Cheryl was very clear in her information on letting things unfold for yourself in your own time and I knew this was a once in a lifetime event that I wanted to enjoy.  I also knew Cheryl had everything under control and the next person wouldn’t miss out.

I felt a very deep connection to the horse which was unexpected.  I don’t say I heard it talking to me but in the stillness I was definitely able to hear some answers to very important questions. 

I felt some peace after being with the horse and experienced a sense of acceptance and belonging – a worthiness that perhaps wasn’t there before.  I ended my session wanting to do further work with Cheryl and the horses and to enable friends and family to do the same.

Without exception people said that working with the horses was amazing but they didn’t know how they could ever explain the experience to anybody else.  I think you have to follow your gut, your trust in the person telling you that it was wonderful and if you can get to have this experience you will be in awe of it as the rest of us were.  Being with someone who has such affinity with horses, is so highly trained and kind as Cheryl will lay the foundation for a great experience"

Trish Moore - Victoria

Magical, Inspiring, Peaceful

"I initially was nervous as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I wasn’t sure how the process was going to work, as I understand horses are used to help guide and heal people, however never experienced this myself. so curiosity stepped in and I was looking forward to the experience.

The experience was very emotional for me and the personal insights challenging. I learnt things about myself that I had shut off, and yet with the gentle nudging, calmness and peace, I was guided and shown the direction. This was inspiring and comforting.

And the lessons are on going as I come across things in my day to day life  I am able to reflect on what the horses had shown me and it has been inspiring and magical.

I would highly recommend doing this experience, as it will be unlike anything else you would have ever experienced. If you are looking to explore and expand yourself you cannot go past this experience. When you do this, go in with an opened mind and heart and you will walk away with the most amazing experience  that will change your perceptions on life and open the door to possibilities. 

Thank you Cheryl this has been an awesome journey thus far

- Roz MacKenzie

Engaging, Warm, Approachable, Non-judgemental, Allowing, Informative

A beautiful safe environment set up by Cheryl. By doing so we were all able to explore the topics and experiences fully and we had fun and many insights into ourselves.

I learned to get out of my head and be in touch with my whole self.  The value in being an observer to take an overall perspective - to be present and set boundaries.

Most valued being true to myself and when I come from that place within myself that is present and raw I can thrive even more.

- Mary Wade Victoria

Inspired, Insightful, Wise

the program was well structured and took me on a journey of self discovery and self knowledge which has empowered me.

i valued the opportunity to focus on myself and learnt more about how I approach things and turn up and how to be more aware of that impact on others

- Sam Zanker

Warm, Relaxed, Deep

"What can I say but ‘wow!’. I didn’t know what to expect but simply trusted ‘my gut feeling’ that said I had to attend this. What a totally unexpected, ‘out of the box’ and inspiring experience. Several weeks later the processing and insights are still arising as I integrate the learnings and new ways of being into my life. I really do feel as if this has kick started the re-wiring of all of my body brains and nervous system so that I now feel that how I show up is the fully authentic and resourced me that I was originally born as". - LM

Friendly and Safe - enabled my growth

"This is experiential learning at it’s best and at the most personal level – having lived in my body for 60 years, I thought I knew it pretty well, but I discovered that there is a profound richness in listening to our bodies and sensing how powerfully it informs both ourselves and for others. If only I had known how to really "listen" and use this power in service of my life and ideas and visions years ago, I would have had the guts to take action then instead of only now". BP

"If you are interested in experiencing more flow and sense of connection with other people or even the animals in your life, then this is for you. (I loved that this was a workshop that included time being outdoors in nature, learning with horses!). If you want to evolve your ways of thinking, feeling, being and doing, then this is for you. If you want to make a greater impact and become the leader of your life – to be seen and heard more, to feel and speak with more power and inspire others, or simply to be a better person, teacher or parent, then this is for you". JL