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The Body, Mind and Spirit of Leadership

CEEL Facilitator Training

The approach must be ‘bio-neuro-psycho-social-spiritual’ … 

we are required to be responsible stewards on many levels.

Leigh Shambo, The Limbic Path: Beyond Office Therapy

Are You Being Called by Horse?

While symbols may have lost some of their power to speak to our unconscious minds in our noisy, hyperactive, modern world, they still resonate strongly with those who are ready to receive. The color white is the integration of every visible color in the spectrum. As a symbol, the white horse represents the integration of our authentically evolving self, and the oneness that connects us all.

It is also symbolic of the broad spectrum of scientific research, ancient and herd wisdom that we’ve woven into our approach, grounding and enriching the work, making it accessible to our mainstream culture.

So it is with this intention, one of compassionate open-heartedness, an open and creative mind and a courageous gut, that we uphold a lantern of knowledge, a beacon to illuminate your own path towards self-discovery and personal evolution, authenticity, awakening, and being of service to others. A path towards both White and WindHorse Wisdom.

All over the world equine facilitated human development is becoming recognised as a powerful modality for human transformation and wellness and we have been increasingly asked to teach others to do what we do in our unique approach to human development. So it's with great pleasure that we are sharing our knowledge in core modules plus electives training program. If 'horse' has touched your heart and soul and you wish to begin your facilitation journey, yet are unsure where to start, we'd love to hear from you and help you begin. Have a look around our website, check in with your heart and gut, digest our offerings and if you'd like to know more, please call us. We look forward to welcoming you to 'the herd'.

We have developed a trauma safe and respectful method that is grounded in peer reviewed research and scientific findings. After learning many of the well-known EFL/P approaches offered overseas, and working with thousands of diverse clients for almost two decades, we are now offering a world-class training program and on-going support and learning for people interested in becoming Equine Experiential Learning Coach Practitioners in Australia.

We've been asked 'what is our philosophical basis?' This a tricky question because it is a synthesis of a number of disciplines and fields of study. Our program has been inspired and influenced by a huge variety of people and expereincve and training in diverse fields so we weave in tools, techniques, processes and approaches grounded in a career in outdoor and adventure experiential learning and 35 year Tai Chi practice, along with interpersonal neurobiology, somatics and embodied leadership practices, presence based and body mind spirit coaching methods, mindfulness, science, ployvagal theory and neuroscience, NLP, quantum physics, appreciative inquiry, organisational development, leadership, entrepreneurship, personal development, the emotional system along with social, emotional and relational intelligence, learning theory, healing and martial arts, integral theory, archetypes, myth, spirituality, philosophy, business development and marketing.

We use and teach concepts, strategies, principles, theories, practices, systems, models, and language from all of these fields. We have weaved all of these together carefully to produce an integrated training technology, not just an assortment of ideas and we feel that we are unique in our approach in that the training develops you as both a person and as a facilitator. You have the option to undertake our entire training program if you are new to the field or if you have had previous training you may wish to draw on the modules that call to you, such as expanding your coaching toolkit through the mBIT Certified Coach training.

With over 10 years in development, several years in action research trialing and testing and now with over 8 years of offering training, this is for those who are interested in coaching and facilitating 'in the field of horse' whether you are just beginning your journey or are already trained and experienced in other modalities and are seeking further education, inspiration, modules or ideas to integrate into your current offerings.

We believe we are the first in Australia to integrate peer reviewed research along with the latest findings in trauma safe pracatices and neuroscience as a solid basis of our training programs and are the first in the world to integrate cutting edge tools and techniques for aligning and integrating the body's multiple centers of intelligence. In this training program you will gain both personal and professional skills that are not offered anywhere else.

We teach presence based coaching/facilitation practices, along with connecting, aligning and integrating the head, heart and gut intelligences, balanced breathing techniques for autonomic balance and wiser decision making and basic neurophysiology to provide a strong and informed base from which to practice from.

Influences and Inspiration

We stand on the shoulders of others and acknowledge those who have gone before us, without whom we would not have evolved to where we are today.

Our influences include, but are not limited to the following:
Equine Experiential Learning
Linda Kohanov, Kathleen Barry Ingram and various Epona graduates, Barbara Rector, Patricia Broersma, Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies (GEIR), E3A, EAGALA, HEAL Leigh Shambo, Kathy Pike, Ariana Strozzi, The McCormicks, Allan Hamilton, Paul Hunting, Terry Murrray, Dr Beverley Kane…
Horsemanship & The Way of the Horse
Carolyn Resnick, Klaus Hempfling, Nevzorov, Michale Bevilacqua, Imke Spilker, Sherry Ackerman, Pamela Au, Tom Nagel, Magali Delgado & Frederic Pignon, Friendship Training, Stormy May, Jenny Rolfe, Phillipe Karl, Paul Belasik, Margrit Coates, Harry Whitney, Ray Hunt, Pat Parelli, Mark Rashid, Ross Jacobs…
Embodied Leadership & Martial Arts

Lance Secretan, David Rock, Max DePree, Ken Wilbur, Ginny Whitelaw, Wendy Palmer, Richard Strozzi along with various Akido and Tai Chi teachers, Theory U, Person Centered Planning and Appreciative Inquiry,

Philosophical, Esoteric, Metaphysical, Breathwork
Bon Po Buddhism, contemplative and wisdom practices, Eckhart Tolle, David Hawkins, Albert Villoldo, Joseph Campbell, Joseph Chiltern Pearce, Siddha Yoga, Akido and Tai Chi, Don Miguel Ruiz, Judith Anodea Smith, Caroline Myss, Dennis Lewis …
NeuroScience, Quantum Physics, and Animal and Human Behaviour
Institute of Heartmath, NLP, Positive Psychology, David Groves (Clean Language & Emergent Knowledge), Temple Grandin, Bruce Lipton, Rupert Sheldrake, Peter Levine, Karla McLaren, Daniel Siegel, Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis, Jaak Panksepp, Christian DeQuincey, Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini & Richard Lannon, Brene Brown, Rick Hanson, Richard Davidson, Sharon Begley, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Amit Goswami, David Perlmutter, Gary Zukav, Ruby Gibson, Dr. Marshall Rosenburg, Byron Katie, Margaret Wheatley, Linda Tellington Jones

The Facilitators

Cheryl of Windhorse Wisdom has created a unique and powerful model of human development with horses that draws on ancient and contemporary wisdom, supported by the most recent neuroscience findings. Her experience of over 38 years in working with wisdom and body mind breath centered practices and her formal BA degree and teaching internationally at University in recreation and experiential learning, along with coaching hundreds of diverse clients, she has the professional expertise of program research and development, instructional design, assessment, adult learning theory, experiential learning and group processes.   Holding qualifications in experiential education, facilitation, experience based learning and numerous coach training qualifications and certifications, along with RTO Cert IV in Training and Assessment, training is designed around specific learning objectives supported by comprehensive manuals and other tools, all delivered in a manner that is appropriate for all adult learning styles.

The Approach

Our approach provides a unifying theory and integrative body, mind spirit approach to equine experiential learning.  Rather than being methodology-centric, our approach comprises universal principles that guide the practitioner in facilitating human-horse interactions, along with the keys to somatic practice for enhancing social and emotional intelligence. This provides a framework for the learning / transformation experience.  Through a unique coaching process based on the substantiated research in neuroscience, we work with clients to enhance awarenss, align and integrate their intelligence centers to expand their capability to transform, change, and achieve desired goals and outcomes.

We are internationally-trained and based in Australia

Having received our training in various models from leaders in the field of equine facilitated human development, we provide comprehensive training that can be applied to a diverse range of clients.  We continue our own professional development primarily through networking and mentoring with USA-based practitioners who are well recongised in the equine learning field and body mind somatic and embodied practices.  This link to emerging ‘industry trends’ in a rapidly growing and dynamic field ensures that our training is based on best practices and current research and thinking.

Most training offered in Australia is currently USA-based, where trainers visit periodically to run programs and return home.  In many cases, your primary support is only your peer network.

Since we are based in Australia we are readily available to provide assistance.  We understand the Australian culture, conditions, and challenges, and regularly work with our own diverse clientele.  Therefore, training does not have to be interpreted for Australian conditions.

With our supplementary workshops, you can continue your on-going professional development as needed.

EEL Training

In summary, this training focuses on:

  • the orientation of the practitioner
  • the client
  • the coaching and facilitation aspects of EEL
  • the significance of neuroscience as it relates to EEL
  • a set of principles that guide the practitioner in facilitating human-horse interactions
  • 3 Universal principles framework
  •  communicating, aligning and integrating our multiple centers of intelligence
  • the equine dimension of EEL
  • coaching activities for horse-client interactions
  • program development
  • the business aspect

Fundamental to this training is understanding the functions of your body and multiple brains as an organising inteliigence supported by the latest findings in neuroscience.  This understanding is necessary to create and facilitate effective learning conditions to meet clients’ specific needs.  Our unique coaching model is designed to access, integrate and align the various intelligence centres in the body to expand one’s capacity for achieving desired change, goals and outcomes.

Core Training Level One Facilitator 2 x 5 day modules

Core training is sufficient for participants to learn the philosophy, functions and roles of facilitators and horses, practice basic facilitation and application of learning models, experience working with horses as co-facilitators, learn the various tools and activities associated with the 6 Keys of Relationship, identify how they would use these tools and models with their own clients, and learn important aspects of their business and marketing.

Maintaining your learning momentum between modules

The training has been divided into two modules to allow sufficient time for you to process and integrate the learning content.  You will be given further material to learn at your own pace and deepen your training experience during the time in between the two modules.

Supplementary workshops to deepen skills and expand offerings (electives)

A wide selection of workshops to enhance core training, will be offered that range from 1, 2, and 3 days.  They will include (but not limited to) various coaching and facilitation models, clean language and metaphors, marketing your business, horse/herd dynamics in-depth and working with horses in learning programs, running corporate programs, program development and design, and a wide selection of pre-developed programs that include all the information needed to run them, as well as manuals – participants would experience the program, and practice facilitating them as part of these workshops.

All supplementary workshops are offered at a discounted rate to participants who complete EEL modules 1 and 2.  They are also open to anyone that meets the prerequisites (identified for each individual workshop).

These supplementary workshops are designed to continue your professional development in your specific areas of interest rather than a one-size-fits-all approach – making it more cost and time effective.  Every workshop will be experiential and you will have opportunities to practice facilitating.

The Core Modules
Level 1 Associate Facilitator status comprises successful completion of Module 1 & 2

In Module 1 you will:

  • Experience EEL
  • Deepen your understanding of the 7 guiding principles, which is core to EEL
  • Learn how to maintain and work with safety in EEL
  • Learn various tools and apply them for your own self-development
  • Learn about the triune brain, limbic system, and the important influence of neuroscience findings
  • Examine horse psychology, herd behaviour and how this influences EEL
  • Understanding horse as teacher, therapist, and healer in EEL
  • Understand the principles of experiential learning and learning styles
  • Develop core competencies in facilitation
  • Learn the first 2 keys of Relationship
  • Practice facilitating
  • Learn a facilitation model to develop awareness of the body and emotions
  • Learn about boundaries - recognising, defining and maintaining them
  • Learn how to work with emotions
  • Caring for EEL horses

In Module 2 you will:

  • Learn the 2nd & 3rd Keys of Relationship
  • Learn and practice advanced facilitation skills
  • Learn different activities to support individual clients’ learning
  • Learn to determine how much structure is required for your client’s learning
  • Understand the difference between active and reflective activities and which to choose and when
  • Learn to balance safety with situational learning
  • Understand the importance of and processes for self-care
  • Maintaining emotional safety
  • Learn how to develop customised curriculum for workshops and programs
  • Working with people who have experience and preconceived ideas about horses
  • Learn how to encourage and support your horses’ participation
  • Learn to recognize and understand horse behaviours as they reflect participants
  • Learn key aspects of developing and marketing your business
  • Learn about what administrative activities you will need to do for compliance: insurance, safety, legal, and efficiency

On successful completion of Modules 1 and 2  you can choose to complete the next 2 levels of training or be eligible to attend the supplementary workshops at the discounted rate.  You will automatically become a member of the EEL peer community for valuable networking and support.

Level 2 Associate Instructor comprises modules 3 & 4 - working with groups
Level 3 Associate Instructor comprises modules 5 & 6 - advanced modules and electives

Who Can Attend

This training is suited for anyone in the field of human development:  coaches, counselors, therapists, social workers, teachers, trainers, healers, equestrians, and other individuals who want to incorporate horses into their work.

People who have attended EAGALA or other training will find that this training complements what they have already learned, and provides opportunities for practicing and deepening skills,  includes other models that specifically focus on body awareness and emotions, and includes more sophisticated facilitation and coaching modalities.

Certificate of Completion

We concur with recommendations of International Standard ISO/IEC 17024 – that certification should come from independent and nationally recognised professional associations – and not from the organisations providing the training. This greatly enhances the credibility of the certification earned, and protects the integrity of all parties.

We do not offer certification but do give a certificate of completion for all of our training programs that acknowledges attendance and competent practice of the participant. Our programs can be taken to enhance your professional or personal development.

Application Process

A detailed application process will help us mutually determine if this is the right training for you.   After we have received your application, we will contact you and discuss next steps.


Learning skills and expanding knowledge for the purpose of applying them to a career, is a worthy investment.  In addition to learning, you will no doubt experience your own personal growth that may influence other areas of your life.  You will become part of a community that supports your professional and business development and have access to local (Australia) expertise.

Investment for Module 1:  $1,997 includes morning and afternoon tea, lunch is $75 extra, or BYO lunch

Investment for Module 2:  $1,997 includes morning and afternoon tea, lunch is $75 extra, or BYO lunch

Payment:  Payment can be made via cheque, paypal, or direct deposit.

Deposit:  A 30% deposit is required 45 days prior to the training date to secure your position.  The balance is due 30 days prior to the training date.

Cancellation policy:  Your deposit will not be refunded if you cancel, however it can be applied to the next training program.

The full and extended training is over 9-12 months to gain Authorised Instructor status in the Accretive Coaching EFEL process with full access to and authorisation to use all curricula programs, manuals etc

This comprehensive program is a year long study of hands on live and skype based training in the Accretive Coaching process and is supported by USA based Performance Transformation through The Kanthaka School of Equine Facilitated Learning' as the Australia/Asia Pacific representative for this authorised instructor training.

Authorised Accretive Coach Training / Kanthaka School of EFL

Application for Enrollment

To apply for enrollment in the Accretive Authorised Instructor Training program, please contact us and the application kit will be emailed to you.  The application kit includes a short essay describing why you wish to study the approach and you will be requested to take an online assessment. There is a $50, non-refundable application fee.  Tuition for the complete Authorised Accretive Coach training program with access to all materials, co-branded sales and marketing material is $8,990. Each hands on module is broken down for easy payments of $1850 per module and includes the 2 x 5 day modules that make up the Foundation program and the 5 day Group processes intensive. Tuition can be paid in installments (we also have a special no interest, nine month payment plan available). To ensure optimum, personalised support and education, enrollment is limited to 8 students.

Accretive coach tuition includes all coursework materials, lunch and refreshments during the onsite intensives along with weekly or twice monthly on line coaching/training and support over 9 months and 3 hands on intensives.  Upon graduation you will receive a Certificate of Authorisation, Authorised Accretive Coach (AAC), as well as a Certificate of Authorisation, Authorized Kanthaka Instructor (AKI). You will also receive an Authorisation License for the use of the Kanthaka Approach℠ curricula (please see below), including full color, bound companion workbooks, co-branded sales and marketing materials.

You will be responsible for your transportation and accommodations, dinners and breakfasts as well as the twelve books we’ll be using as part of the full and comprehensive Accretive training curriculum.

We are currently updating our website with more details and setting additional dates so please register your interest now for more information as numbers will be strictly limited for each module.

The Accretive Coaching Process

This training is especially suited to those who wish to work with organisations

Authorised Curricula Workbooks

Upon completion of the 9 month 'Accretive Coach' training, you will receive an Authorised License for the use of our proprietary curricula portfolio

Our NEWS!!

We were thrilled to be the first Australian to be interviewed as part of the international 2014 Healing With Horse Telesummit. Dr Jenn interviewed us about the evolving field of mBraining With Horses.

Our recording can be accessed as part of the Summitt package

Click here to go to the Summit site where you can purchase the Symposium Set recordings

Equine Experiential Learning Facilitator Training

Structure of the Training:
1 x 4 day Foundational Skills module
1 x 6 day Working with Individuals
1 x 6 day Working with Groups
1 x 6 day mBIT Certified Coach

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